No jury, no prize, no selection


to you who too many times have been disappointed and betrayed by the festivals’ mirage, to you who too many times have seen your work mistreated by the indifference, superficiality, incompetence of those who had the task to judge them, to you who too many times have been deprived of the main right of an artist: confrontation with their public, their sacred judgement, their sincere criticism, we are asking you:

Aren’t you tired of all this?

Haven’t you had enough of the artifical officiality those events dress up in, baring those who are excluded and relegating them to amateurism? Here we want to create a movement able to change the rules of this game. Here we want to truly start moving Independent Cinema. Here we want to weave a web of active and passionated filmmakers, through an exposition which is independent from lobbying mechanisms and from unjustified individualisms that put you against each other.

Are you convinced you have created a work that deserves to be projected in a cinema? Do you wish to submit it to the constructive criticism of your peers, moved like you are by pure, selfless passion for cinema?

We won’t be selecting you. Be your own jury. Take part to the First Truly Independent Cinema Festival.


Why a Truly Independent Cinema Festival?

To give a chance to all filmmakers who want to prove their artistic abilities. No exclusions. The self-produced filmmaker can now use the most revolutionary tool of modern times: YouTube. However, to reach a visibility that overcomes just the circle of friends, they must be able to promote themselves and still be very lucky. But ability to promote themselves and luck don’t make up cinematographic talent. We are convinced that there are way too many cases in which the latter is hidden by a lack of the first two.

Why Truly Independent?

In the independent cinema definition, the term independent stands for without the intervention of major film production companies. We feel that to be truly independent, a cinematographic work must continue being so even after its production. There are many independent cinema festivals. The CVI Festival is the first to be Truly so: independent from selections, juries, fake prizes, market logic.

Enough with the selections: let’s make the participation a certainty, not just a hope.

Enough with juries: because there is no more competent jury than the audience itself, which holds the power to judge the projected works, to consequently decide their success or failure.

Enough with fake prizes: the true victory is the real visibility in front of an excellent audience: producers, distributors, other filmmakers, and sector-specific press.

We want to urge filmmakers to get involved by exposing their work in an environment as dinamic, open, critic as possible.

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